Coronavirus: Don’t Forget About The Importance Of Your Mental Health


As you know, the world is in the middle of a huge crisis  with the spread of the Coronavirus.   These are unprecedented times, and there is a lot of fear that comes with  this pandemic.

I’ve shared a little about my mental health struggles in the past, and one of the things that I struggle with is anxiety.  This has been something that I’ve dealt with for most of my life.  Stressful times like this cause a great deal of anxiety not just for those of us who already stuggle with mental health issues, but for people who have never dealth with anxiety, depression, etc.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to take care of ourselves.  Many people are facing some devastating situations because of this including job loss, inability to pay for rent, food and basic necessities, existing health conditions that put them at greater risk for contracting the coronavirus, parents trying to provide education to their kids at home, and numerous other extremely challenges that people are facing.

I feel a little guilty for being upset that I had to reschedule my tattoo appointment with Rember.  I know that there are MUCH more serious issues right now than not being able to keep my appointment, but I was still really disappointed.   I live in Washington state which has been the state that has been hit the worst in the whole country.  I didn’t want to risk the possiblity of spreading anything to Rember Orellana.   I don’t currently have the coronavirus, but because I’m in a state with the largest number of cases, I didn’t want to take any chances out of respect for Rember and his staff.  On a side note, tattoo artists are certainly going to feel the effects of this- please support these talented people by pre-booking and buying gift cards for future appointments.  Certain states (including Washington) have ordered tattoo shops to close during this outbreak of the coronavirus.  





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