Check out this Fast Paced Visual of my Tattoo Collection


Enjoy this visual featuring many pieces in my tattoo collection, filmed by @notmiketate, featuring an unreleased record by the very talented @reocragun.


Current Artist List:

1. Guy from Idaho when I was 16

2. Lane from Idaho when I was 17

3. Juan ___ from an expo in Portland, Oregon when I was 17

4. Guy from random spot in Vancouver – I can’t  seem to remember the name of the artist or the shop haha.

5. Carrie from New Rose in Portland, Oregon (first legal tattoo, I got like five or six tiny tattoos from her)

6. Levit Ora (@Orks_tattoos)

7. Matt Jordan (@mattjordantattoo, five sessions, two more this Summer)

8. Cecil Porter (@cecilporterstudios, three sessions)

9. Vic Vivid (@vicvivid)

10. Luke Palan (@lukepalantattoo)

11. Saul Lira (@saul_tat2)

12. Stefano Alcantera (@stefanoalcantera, four sessions)

13. Kyle Cotterman (@kylecotterman, two sessions)

14. Daniel Rocha (@danielrochatat2)

15. Vetoe (@vetoe)

16. Isaac Roman (@isaac_roman, five sessions)

17. Bash (@bash_tattoo)

18. Fred Tattoo (@fred_tattoo)

19. Rok Ker (@rok_ker)

20. Denis Sivak (@sivak_, five sessions)

21. Guy in Santa Barbara 

22. Jak Connolly (@jakconnollyart) (two sessions)

23.  Nikko Hurtado (@nikkohurtado) (eight sessions)

24.  Boris (@boristattoo)

25.  David Vega (@david_vega83, three sessions)

26.  Robby Latos (@robbylatos)

27.  Michael Perry (@michaelperryart, two sessions)

28.  Josh Hagan (@joshhagantattoo)

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