Check out this video of Mike Phan’s Incredible Realism Tattoo Collection

Mike Phan’s incredible realism tattoo collection

Check out this awesome realism bodysuit in progress on my good buddy and fellow collector Mike Phan from the Bay Area of California.  Mike Phan is a very passionate tattoo collector with some incredible work.   He  has put a lot of time and energy into strategically planning his bodysuit.  

Some of the things that I like most about his collection are that he has a large number of artists in his body suite, yet he has such a great vision that everything remains cohesive and all flows so well.  I also like that he has different tattoo styles, but everything still works well together.  Another thing is that everything is large scale so it fits the body properly.   He protects his work by staying out of the sun, so it looks fresh even if the tattoos are seven or eight years old.  

Check out his collection in this video- I’m sure you will find it inspiring and might even give you a bit of ink envy.


Mike has collected from an incredible list of some of the best artists on the planet.  

  • Carlos Torres (@carlostorresart)
  • Nikko Hurtado (@nikkohurtado)
  • Rember Orellana (@rember_tattoos)
  • Dmitriy Samohin (@dmitriysamohin)
  • James Strickland (@jamestrickland)
  • Josh Duffy (@josh_duffy)
  • Jun Cha (@juncha)
  • Sergio Sanchez (@sergiosanchezart)
  • Fibs (@fibs_)
  • Mayonaize (@mayonaize)
  • and more!

Mike is also an adventure seeker and calisthenics athlete.  He stays in crazy good shape.  I like seeing how other people stay in shape, and of course I LOVE seeing other people’s ink!  Check out his collection @240zestways.

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