Nothing, Nowhere: One of the Rarest Things That’s Ever Happened to the Alternative/Hip-hop/emo rap scene

Joe Mulherin, an artist from Vermont, is the new face of emo rap and alternative (although his actual face usually remains hidden on the internet as a part of his mysterious persona)


There is a new name popping up in the rap/alternative/hip-hop/screamo/you-name-it genre, and he goes by the stage name of “Nothing, Nowhere.”

Joe Mulherin (n,n) is as talented as they come already, and he is just getting started.

He has a once in a generation type gift of blending together a wide variety of genre’s, and isn’t afraid to let his raw emotions and inner struggles be heard.  

Before he really started getting a buzz, Joe created a big fan in a household alternative/rock name, Pete Wentz who leads the band Fall Out Boy. Pete proudly and publicly supports Joe’s music, and has had him open up shows for him with massive crowds. Something had to be really right with Joe’s sound in order to create a fan in a star as big as Wentz who had no possible alterior motive to show support at that stage in Joe’s career other than the fact that he truly felt his music from the get go.



His internet persona is very unorthodox as well, hiding his face in the vast majority of his images (a rare side view is sometimes seen such as the cover photo of this post) and videos seen online as well as using moody/grainy imagery and videography (his videos are captured on VHS which you just don’t see these days).

His content is meant to be nostalgic, and I’m guessing especially appeals to the majority of those who have had some sort of inner struggle themselves because they feel they can resonate with Joe’s emotions, mental health battles, and his persona.

What’s also interesting about n,n, is his decision to remain sober (from alcohol and non prescription drugs) despite all the agonizing pain he expresses going through mentally as well as being in an industry where many folks rely on substances to fuel their creativity. so in genre’s like rap/punk/alternative especially, straightedge is an extreme rarity these days. On his track “Changer” off his 2018 album “Ruiner”,  he expresses his frustration dealing with old friends back home that he cares for but that don’t seem to want to help themselves.

In the record, Joe states:

“Every time I take a trip back home

I see the faces of the ones I used to hold so close

Looking nothing like they did in those old photos

Birds out, beer gut, that’s the way life goes

I always tried to get them out of the rut

But it seems like all they wanted was to get f’d up

I could lead you to the water, but I can’t make you drink

I can give my two cents, but I can’t make you think”.


It’s refreshing to see an artist go against the grain as much as this dude does, and to see someone living completely in a world of their own in an industry where so many are afraid to let their true selves be heard.

Joe had to cancel his highly anticipated mid 2018 tour after his album released due to his severe depression, anxiety, and other inner struggles. He released a single titled “Dread” near the end of September (see below).


Below is a playlist I’ve put together on Apple Music containing some of my favorite tracks (favorites meaning the majority of his songs because he can’t seem to make a bad one) from the genius that goes by the name of Nothing, Nowhere.





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