Updated Video of my Entire Tattoo Collection


Every so often I like to get a video of my whole collection.  It’s fun to look back on the past videos and see how it has evolved.  Here’s an updated video of my bodysuit in progress… I think I’ve had around 375-400 hours of work in total at this point give or take, plus a lot of removal work.

I’ve been worked on by 27 artists so far.   Big thank you to all of them for the pieces they’ve done on me. 

Current artist list includes: Nikko Hurtado (eight sessions), Denys Sivak (five sessions), Jak Connolly (two sessions), Boris, David Vega (three sessions), Robby Latos, Michael Perry (two sessions), Orks, Matt Jordan (five sessions, two more big ones this Summer on my back), Vic Vivid, Luke Palan, Cecil Porter (three sessions), Stefano Alcantara (four sessions), Kyle Cotterman (two sessions), Daniel Rocha, Vetoe, Isaac Roman (five sessions), Fred Tattoo, Josh Hagan, and more.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @jordanfeno as well as @leadthefollowers.  Special thank you to all the pages that posted this video on Instagram, it’s gotten over 1.5 million combined views so far.




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