Video of Zach Thornton (Audio Dude) ‘s Badass Realism Collection


Zach Thornton is an audio engineer living out of California (but touring worldwide) who has accumulated what I would consider one of the top tattoo collections of this generation. He’ll tell you that his  collection is a work in progress (just like my own collection as well as the majority of us), but he has reached a point already where people are blown away when they get to explore his bodysuit. Many people have never seen anything like it before.

Here is a video of Zach ( @audio_dude_ )’s  collection which includes beautiful work from @carlostorresart, @dbkaye, @ryan_evans, @deranhall, @orks_tattoos, @mattjordantattoo, @nicknoonantattoo, @mayonaize, @ben_ochoa, and more. Follow our pages on Instagram @leadthefollowers and @jordanfeno for more exciting tattoo related content.

(the cover photo for this post is a tattoo done by Nick Noonan who is from Auckland, New Zealand) 


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