Welcome to Narnia: Part 1


They say anything and everything in life can be your teacher depending on how you tend to look at and listen to/feel the things/places/people around you. Empty pockets, failure/rejection, a broken relationship that seems like it’s the end of the world at that time period in your life… you name it.

For me, it was photography, collecting and studying tattoos, and studying design overall as well that set my heart on fire long ago.

However, over the past year or so especially it has allowed me to immerse myself immensely in the tattoo art scene/culture as well as nature/wilderness environments where I have been consistently spending time lately to photograph, video, hike, meditate, and honestly just get some solitude and allow myself uninterrupted time to process life and art.

I have captured tens of thousands of images and videos over just the past year alone, but I kept it short and sweet here on this post and selected a concise sample handful of photos  (although it’s a bit difficult to make selections with how many photos I’ve gathered).

I hope you guys find some value within this post/these images and I’d like to thank you all for looking/reading and tuning in. It’s much appreciated to have people interested in what LTF is all about and what we are still becoming to this day.

Enjoy, and by the way you can hopefully expect to see a couple different sets of images from this same theme considering how many more unseen/unused images I have lying around in the vault…

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