Interview with Incredible Black and Grey Tattooer Miguel Camarillo


Miguel Camarillo is an incredible black and grey tattooer who works out of Seven Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a truly artistic mind, is able to freehand all kinds of pieces, and is putting together incredibly original concepts and tattoos. I got the honor of doing an interview with him below, and hope you enjoy scrolling through it all.

I have been following you on social media for about three and a half years I believe…Your quality of work has improved so drastically over the years it’s crazy. In your eyes/mind, what has been most beneficial as far as developing as an artist goes? 

Thank you! I really appreciate you even taking a look at my work. I been working and learning a lot from art classes and putting into practice what I learn every single day. 

Who were some of your biggest influences as you entered the industry?

 My brother was a big influence in my life in general growing up. I looked up to him as he was one of the first persons I saw tattooing as a kid. 

Your pieces are always incredibly laid out and never fail to have top notch creativity…How do you keep your mind so sharp, fresh, and innovative? Do you prefer to tattoo more days of the week than not or do you like more rest time for your body and mind?

 I tattoo 4-5 times a week,it’s hard to keep balance with family & work but I try my best to allow and give each one its time.It’s hard, specially in this profession. But I’m trying to be better at everything I do in my life. 

First piece and favorite piece you’ve ever done?  Favorites!

Everything I’ve been doing, currently working on a leg sleeve on my friend Noeline and happy how it’s coming along. 

What are some unspoken rules you wish every client/collector knew?

Don’t try to talk shit about other tattooers…   

What are the biggest ways the tattoo industry/culture have (positively or negatively) shifted from the time you entered the industry up until now?

It’s got better and clients seem to understand more of what tattoos are supposed to be. Allowing freedom to artist come up with own design instead of picking something from a google search and coping the image. 

Toughest part of being a tattooist? Favorite part?

No complaining from my end. I get to draw on people for a living that’s pretty damn awesome!  

Thanks so much for you time Miguel!  Check out more of his work @miguelcamarillo

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